Monday, August 8, 2011

Random Images

Tese are one off shots that I have not been able to get enough of to make a post just for them.

Yellow Spider

I thought this was sneaky.  But a really good idea on the spider's part.

This was just so cute, we saw the dog chasing fish in the water while looking for the loon awhile back

King Fisher

I have been waiting for this guy to return to the spot where I saw him so I could get a better shot but I have not seen him or he was moving to fast when I did (just passing through)


We hooked at this guy to get his attention he wanted to part of us (and we of him) so he was high tailing it away from us when we found him.
On a side note I saw signs of the wolf again this weekend but no wolf.  We must have just missed him.  so bummed.

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