Friday, June 24, 2011

Best Bug Sprays

I saw this today on Yahoo it's really useful information.  I know last weekend when I was out - not even really deep in the woods.  I found 2 woods ticks on me, through out the day while my boyfriend - who wasn't wear any bug spray - didn't have any woods ticks on him.  Now I am not one of those girls that is 'afraid' of bug but I hate surprises and bug like to sneak up on me :)  that is what freaks me out, plus I don't like things crawling on me.
For the record I was using: Cutter Skinsations.  Which is # 9 on the list and listed as only 55% effective.  So guess who needs to go by new bug spray before this weekend?
On a side note - I will be checking my trail cam this weekend - we left it out all week.  I hope we got something.

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