Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trail Cam

I ordered a new toy last Monday, a Swann OutbackCam.  It's a motion activated cam that runs on batteries and save videos (or) pictures to an SD card, making it easier for me to just swap them out each time I go up there.  Swann's SW361-OBC is specifically built to withstand the harshest weather conditions (aka Northwoods wind and rain lately), Swann's OutbackCam is the ideal security observation system for your front yard, back yard and any rural location.  (see image below)

I can't recommend or comment on how it works yet since I have yet to get it but I will give you my full report once we get it and try it out :) 

I was hoping that it would come before this weekend so that I could hang it up in the area that people (every one but me basically) has seen the wolf.  But sadly it has not came yet.  Fingers are crossed to it to make it for next weekend, I scouted the area this weekend I know where I want to hang it and there were signs that I wolf had been in the are recently. I got some great shots but I am still sorting through them.  I will post again tomorrow with pictures.  I saw some great stuff this weekend, Loons, eagles and flowers!  I think everything was in bloom this weekend in the Northwoods.  Which also by the way was the Lupine Festival in Mercer.  I did not go or take part but I did do some Lupine looking, they were very pretty.


  1. Hope the cam will work and never disappoint you.

  2. Had some issues at first. We left it up all week so I can't want to see what we got - surely we got something.

    It had an issue last weekend something tripped it around 3 am but the recording was corrupted (hope that was a freak thing), so I am not sure what it was. But it had to be an animal as it's in a very 'out of the way' place. No one would be out there at 3 am, trust me. :)